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St Vincent De Paul Infant School, Marino, Dublin 9

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Click on the picture to view the artist and title. If your child is in the photo they will not be named.  We hope to post lots more examples of your wonderful work in art, science, helping at home, maths, inventions, literature, music, play and everything else you think of ... Keep up the wonderful creativity and email it to us. You inspire the whole school community and keep us connected.


Sctatch Art, by Liam , R4
Scratch Art by Ellen , R12
Enjoying the Daffodils, R 4
Grrrrrreat Tiger Drawing, bu Sam ,R14,missing all of his friends.
Grrrrrreat Tiger Drawing, bu Sam ,R14,missing all of his friends.
Hopscotch Fun, R6
Poster for R6 Indoor Family Fun Day
Homemade Bird Feeder , Rooms 12 and 4
Lego Fun, R10
Making Scones, Olivia, R14
My Art Gallery, by Aveen, R4
Experimenting with bubbles Rm 14
Cover Your Cough and Sneeze Poster from room 5
Cover Your Cough and Sneeze Poster from room 5
Owl pencil drawing by Emily ,R 8
Easter bunnies Rm 12 & Rm 4
News by Donnacha Room 4
Donnacha Room 4
J Art, by Donnacha Room 4
R12 -Fun making a musical shaker!
Salmon of knowledge . By Ruben Mckinley 2A
Olivia's Art Gallery,Room 1
Butterflies by Abigail room 10
Colourful Castle by Alyysa, Rm 1A
James Dalton's Gallery Wall , R2A
'Leaves In Sunshine' photography by Olivia ,R14
'Goodies', white board drawings by Olivia Rm 14
Clucking Hen, by Emily room 8
Bunny Hutch by Emily room 8
Charlie's enjoying building lego. R 14.
Boy Dog by Grace, R11
Girl Cat by Grace, R11
Batman by Chloe, R3
Drawing by Chloe, R3
Artwork by Chloe, R3
Yummy Cupcake ,R3
Learning To Play Tin Whistle, R8
Eating her naan bread, R 9
Making naan bread, R 9
Making naan bread, R 9
Making naan bread, R 9
Party Boat by Cillian, Room 10
Easter Nests ,R 1a and R 2
A Beautiful Easter Bonnet, R14
Easter Window Display by Ava, R14
Easter Tree by Ava, R14
Painting A Rainbow, R14
Bunny Rosie and The Rainbow, Room 8
Happy Easter Display by Cillian, R10
Experimenting With A Magnifying Glass, Room 8
Sonic, Room 14
Steady. . . Lift and he scores! Room 14
Easter Chick, R1
Happy Easter Everyone, R1
Easter Bunny by Emily, R8
Yummy Creative Pancakes by Joey, R14
Easter Chicks by Neasa, R14
Emily,R11 made a birthday card for her godmother.
Happy Easter from Emily, R 11
Lovely Easter Decorations and Cake, R8
Easter Picture by Orla Collins, R6
Pencil Paring Art by Ruadhán, R 10.
Making Sun Dials,R4 and R12
Making a Birthday Cake for Mum, Olivia, R 14
Fun In The Pool With My Sister, R6
Easter Cake, Emily,R8
Cat At Sunset by Emily , R8
Easter Bonnets by Lauren,R6
Tommy's Art, R 3a
Social Distancing Poster by Patrick, R10
Love, Room 1
Busy Drawing, Room 1
Easter Basket and Chick, Room 1A
The Easter Bunny , R1a
Playing shop with my brother, Mavie R 1
Making Homemade Pasta with Daddy, R1
The Blue Owl, R1
Making Homemade Pasta with Daddy, R1
Eating pizza I made with Mum, Mavie,R1
Funny Yummy Cupcakes, R10
Yummy Cupcakes by Patrick R10
Wishing You All a Happy Easter From Me, R10
Beautiful Easter Bonnets by Abigail,R10 and her sister
Sheep and Cows, Room 12
Easter Display by Senan, R12
Easter Sock Bunnies by Olivia and her sister, R14
Camping Fun ! Room 8
Grace's Art, Room 11
Emoji Art by Grace, R11
Ice Cream by Grace, R11
Happy Flower, Room 3A
Paper Weaving, Room 3a
Easter Egg Art, Room 3a
Toy Story fan😊 ,Room 12
Fun With Badminton, Room 8
3D Construction ,Room 3a
3D Construction with peas and skewers ,Room 3a
Olivia is painting porcelain, R14
Vinnie is growing carrots, R1
Social Distancing Poster by Claire, R12
Handwashing Picture by Vinnie, R1
Sam Busy Colouring an Easter Bunny, R5
Robot Building by Sam, R5
My 'J' Words by Sam, R5
Enjoying Dress Up Friday, R2
Lego Skateboard by Tomás, R6
Preparing Food by Rhodae, R1a
Going To a Picnic by Rhodae, R1a
St. Patrick's Day Window Display by Odhran, R2a
My sister and I making something chocolatey, R2a
Space Display by Odhran, R2a
Great caterpillars and Butterfly Life-cycle, R2A
Having Fun With My Lego Playzone and Cafe , R8
Easter Bunny by Ewan, R4
Learning My Letter Sounds, R4
Keep Smiling by Ewan, R4
Flying The Flag For Our Frontlines at Noah's, R 1
My Harry Potter Lego , R 4
Lego Fun, R 14
More Art by Donnacha, R 4
Art Display by Donnacha, R4
Join In the Movement To Support Our Front Line Workers. Hang a flag out of the window or make a flag and put it in the window. Families all over Ireland are waving their flags.
Easter Bunny by Oscar, R 8
World Autism Awareness Day, Go Blue! R 9
The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly by Noah, R1
I Love My Family by Alex, R6
Perfect Banana Bread, R 1A
Just Ready for The Oven, R 1A
Bunny at the Beach at Sunset by Sophia,R11
Spring Painting by Ella,R 5
Easter Art by Jacob, R3a
Archie's Easter Bunny Drawing, R 8
Easter Bunnies, R 1
Easter Card byAmelia, R 1
Happy Easter by Cian, 3A
Easter Colouring, R 8
Posting 'we miss you' letters to Nana, Grandad and Great Nana, R 2a and R12
Paper Weaving, R 14, (inspired by the school hub, RTE 2)
R11, Fan Amach ón a Chéile.
Cakes made by Sophia, Room 12
Shape Art ,R 11
Wash Your Hands Poster , R 12
Book Cover Design by Sophia, R12
Easter Art by Charlie, R 1
Amber R 11 Ella Word Hunt, Still Looking
Amber R 11 Ella Word Hunt
Amber R 11 Cooking Dinner
Social Distancing Poster by Archie,R8
Easter Art, R 9
Making Animals Friends, R5
Social Distancing Poster, R10
Social Distancing Poster by Alex, R6
Life Cycle Of a Frog by Emily, R8
Go Fish !, R8
Self Portrait , R 8
Lego Fun, R3a
2 Metres Apart by Ola, R8
Social Distancing Poster by Tomás, R6
Santa Is Social Distancing by Samuel, R8
Social Distancing Poster, R9
Enjoying The Daffodils, R8
Abigail Playing Hopscotch, R10
Social Distancing Poster by Sophia, R12
Baking Lovely Bread, R3a
Senan R 12 , Having Fun With Maths !
Guardians of the Galaxy by Sean, R 2A
Lovely Paintings by Noah, R3
Easter Bunny, a Home Made Steamed Bun by Carrie ,R 2A
Noah is learning to tell the time.R1
Butterfly by Alannah ,R3
Trees Painting by Maryam, R1
Card Design, R1
Charlie's Drawings, R14
Turtle Collage by Abigail, R10
Hosting A Teddy Party, R6
Party Place Names by Lauren, R6
A Card For Granny Jean, by Lauren , R6
A Thank You Card For The Ladies From The Pharmacy, by Lauren , R6
Fun Cycling, Ewan R4
Olivia's Home Made Slime, R14
Tail by Donnacha, R4
Trish The Trout by Ewan, R4
Baking Yummy Buns, R4
Egg Painting R4
Leprechaun Mask by Ewan, R4
My Goldfish by Alex, R1A
R 10, Sarah's Shortbread Millionaires R
Making Easter Bunting R5
Under The Sea Picture R12
The Life Cycle of a Frog by Ella, R11
3A, Davin's Hand Washing Picture
Having Fun Playing Charades R4&12
R2, Keagan's Farmyard Friends
Lovely Happy Jar R14
Handwashing by Tomás R6
SpongeBob by Tomás R6
Practising Number 5 by Tomás R6
Snake Ambush by Conor 3A
Posting A Card To Nanny R14
Charlie Helping With The Dishes, Well Done! R14
Master Builder Construction by Charlie R1
Snowman by Saoirse R 11
A Puppy in The Garden by Camilla, 2A
Wash Your Hands by Senan R12
Yummy Cupcakes Made at Home, R12
Abstract Chalk by Samuel, R8
Chalk Design R.8
A Bar Chart by Ellen R.12
Clocks R.1a
Be Happy by Shane, R10
Homemade Dream Catcher by Ruadhán, R10
Clay Dinosaur by Ruadhán, R10
Beautiful Easter Egg by Ali, R12
Making Yummy Fairy Cakes Together. R3A
Fun Cycling R3A
Today I Will Be A Unicorn by Maisie, R9 (part 3)
Today I Will Be A Unicorn by Maisie, R9 (part2)
Today I Will Be A Unicorn by Maisie, R9 in 3 parts (entered in the John Boyne Story Competion)
Great White Shark by Cian R3A
Liam and Ailbhe's Fun Picnic by Liam R2
Meow by Saoirse, R11
It's Spring. by Emily, R11
Wash Your Hands Poster by Sadhbh, R11
Winning Monopoly. He's Rich
Ball Games With My Brother by Aidan 3A
About to Eat Pancakes 3A
Making Pancakes 3A
Zombie Picture by Aidan 3A
Shark Art by Aidan 3A
Having Fun With Junk Art by Aidan 3A
Beautiful Prayer Poster R9
Making French Toast R1
St Patrick's Day Decorations by Alannah R3
Princess. by Jessica R8
Lovely Picture by Alannah R3
Mrs Bird by Sadie, R2
Mr Frog by Sadie R2
Lego Creations by Valentina R5
Lady Ladybird by Sadie, R2
Hand Washing Poster by Beth, R8
Hand Washing Artwork by James ,R2a
Fish Pond by R10
Butterfly by Alannah R3
Baking Cakes R2
Baking Cakes (1) by Chloe R2
A Picture For My Nana by Sofia R1
St Patricks Day Window Sign by Evie R10
Hand Washing by Evie R10
Yummy Cakes made by Amber R11
Playdough Art by Amber R 11
Here I Go by Amber R11
Bathroom Door Sign by Eva R10
Underwater Diorama by Eva R10
The Justice League by Chloe R3