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St Vincent De Paul Infant School, Marino, Dublin 9

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Free download.. it's possible to buy a deluxe version which is very good.
lots of excellent maths and literacy games to choose from. Great games to try are PHONIC FIGHER GAME (for 1st word sounds) FOREST PHONICS, SOUND BUTTONS, CHUTE SHUFFLE, BLENDING DRAGONS, DINOSAUR EGGS, POOP DECK PIRATES, RHYMING ROCKETS, TELL A T-REX..great fun, LETTERS AND SOUNDS,LOOK COVER WRITE CHECK spelling activity, CLUSTER and more..Lots of TEACHER RESOURCES here too.
Sing along with the 42 Jolly Phonics Songs (You Tube Video0
Tons of really educational word games and more..
Great way to read and spell common words.

Initial word sounds
Fantastic logic physics game/ 1st class love it! You may have to watch 2 ads before you play. Get in touch with us if you can't get it.
go to library on this site and select E- BOOKS
Click on the words in order to make sentences.
This site is an INCREDIBLE RESOURCE for home and school to practice and improve reading. Click on the picture then begin at learn to read . The first 5 stories from ZAC THE RAT to GUS THE DUCK are stories containing short vowel sounds with fun animations and games to consolidate the learning. After you read each page click on the picture to see a fun animation. The next interactive stories teach the long vowel sounds. Then move on to IT”S FUN TO READ section and I”M READING

read sentences and answer yes /no
Learn how to rhyme.