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St Vincent De Paul Infant School, Marino, Dublin 9

Green Schools Committee

Here at St. Vincent de Paul Infant School, we have working very hard on attaining the Green Schools Flag - Litter and Waste. Our Green Schools Committee is made up of student reps from each class who have assessed and monitored how, as a school, we can reduce the amount of litter and waste we produce daily. 

Green Schools Committee 2023/24

Green Schools Action Plan

  1. We will use reusable water bottles and lunch boxes.
  2. We will bring our lunch waste home.
  3. Teachers will have ‘Workbook Wednesday.’
  4. Teachers will use 2-sided printing.
  5. We will pick up tissues from the ground and put them in the bin.
  6. We will have a rubbish bin on yard.
  7. Each class will have a toilet monitor, to make sure hand tissues are not being wasted.
  8. We will use recyclable materials for art.

Green School Code


Start each day by being green,

It’s important to keep our school clean.

Any rubbish that is found,

Pick it up off the ground.

Before we choose which bin to use, could we reuse?

End each day by being green,

It’s important to keep our school clean.


Green School Projects


Some of our Green Schools Projects include:

  1. Art using recyclable materials.
  2. Speaking at Halloween Assembly on ‘how to reduce waste this Halloween.’
  3. Art/writing project based on the story 'Little Panda Jackson helps save the planet'.
  4. Created posters to highlight our Green Code.

Please click the link if you would like to learn more about recycling at home.