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St Vincent De Paul Infant School, Marino, Dublin 9

First Class Home Activities

School Closure: Home Activities 


CLASS LEVEL:   First Class        22nd-26th  February         

A reminder that adult supervision is necessary when your child is using the internet, SeeSaw and educational links/ videos included below. 


Note: The week’s work is a menu only, from which you can choose to do some, or all of the lessons/activities. It is there to help you and your family. Our hope is that the structure of the work we provide will make life easier for you, not more difficult. Do what works best for you and your family. 


Seesaw:Remember to send on some of your work to your teacher on Seesaw: 









Resources/links needed this week 

  • Home School copy book (Sent home in September) 
  • The New Suit –  click the link to learn how to access this book online 
  • Jolly Phonics Readers  
  • Mrs. Murphy Handwriting copy 
  • Activities on Seesaw will be sent out on the day at 9am. 


Resources/links needed this week 


Note: Your child should be able to understand the general key points from the lesson, they do not need to understand the whole lesson and all of the vocabulary. You can pause the video and ask them what they think is happening in the lesson.  

During the games, pause the video and see if they can guess the correct answer before the teacher. 



School Website  

Bua naCainteVideos: 


Resources/links needed this week 

  • Home School copy book (Sent home in September) 
  • Planet Maths Workbook 
  • Activities on Seesaw will be sent out on the day at 9am.   



Resources/links needed this week 


  • Grow in Love Website 
  • Email: 
  • Password: growinlove 
  • Home School copy book (Sent home in September) 
  • Links in each subject box 





The New Suit: Listen to and repeat the new words. Then follow along as teacher reads pages 5 & 6Can you help her make predictions about this story? 


Jolly Phonics Reader: Pick a new reader for this week based on the level the teacher has assigned you. Read a few pages a day. 



My News 

Write 4-5 sentences of your news. You could use these sentence starters: 


Today is Monday. Yesterday was ___. Tomorrow will be ___. It is a cold and ___ day. I can see signs of spring outside. These are ____.  


Here are some word banks that might help: word mat 1 word mat 2. 



Pick 2 spellings of your choice and put them into sentences. 


Siopadóireacht - Ceacht 1  

Bua na Cainte Videos   


Watch the videos under the First Class Bua na Cainte Video tab.     

Look for:  

  • Siopadóireacht - Ceacht 1 

Watch the video and play the games.  

Can you get the answer before the teacher?   


In the video the following gaeilge is used: 


An maith leat ___ ?  

Do you like ___? 

Is breá liom ___.  

I love ___.  

Cén bréagán is fearr leat? Which toy do you prefer? 

Is fearr liom___. 

I prefer ___.  

 mhéad atá air?  

How much is it? 



Warm up 

Compare sizes and weights here 



We are learning about lighter, heavier and the same as/equals to/balances today. Follow along as the teacher goes through these terms and explains todays activity in Planet Maths.  


Planet Maths: 

Complete part A & B on page 94. 

SPHE/Art –Mindful Monday 

All: Make a Mindfulness wand 

Adult guidance 

Step 1 With a Mindfulness wand for your child and yourself, sit with your back straight and your body relaxed.  

Step 2Take long, deep breaths with the Mindfulness wand in front of your face and notice how you feel. Do you feel calm and relaxed? Is it easy or hard to sit still?  

Step 3 Now take short, quick breaths. How does your body feel now? Do you feel the same way after breathing quickly as you did after breathing slowly?  

Step 4 Now breathe normally. How does this feel?  

Step 5 What did you notice about how different ways of breathing makes you feel? 





The New Suit:  

Listen to and repeat the new wordsFollow along as the teacher reads pages 7 & 8. Answer any questions she asks and see if you can read pages 5-8 yourself.  


Jolly Phonics Reader:  

Read a few pages a day. 



Pick 2 spellings of your choice and put them into sentences. 


Jolly Grammar:  

Follow along as the teacher revises nouns and parts of speech with you. 


Complete page 41 in your Jolly Grammar book.  



Bua na Cainte lth. 76 


 ag léamhLéigh amách na habairtí a thósaíonn le ‘Is fearr liomRead aloud the sentences that begin with ‘I prefer’ 


Bua na Cainte lth. 77 


 ag scríobh. Críochnaigh na habairtí a thósaíonn le ‘Is fearr liom’. Finish the sentences that begin with ‘I prefer’  

Warm Up 

Play which is lighter or heavier? 


Practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s here. 



Complete the ‘Weight - count and match’ activity on Seesaw. 

PE: Yoga and Movement 

All- Watch and take part in Squish the Fish Cosmic Kids Yoga 

Optional: Get Active Ideas 

Optional PE: Live Workout with the Edge Gym at 9:30 



Jolly Phonics Reader: Read a few pages a day. 


Spellings/ Writing: 

Pick 2 spellings of your choice and put them into sentences. 



Complete 'Fill in the missing noun’ on Seesaw 

Siopadóireacht - Ceacht 2  

Bua na Cainte Videos   


Look for:  

  • Siopadóireacht - Ceacht 2 

Watch the video and play the games.  

Can you get the answer before the teacher?   


In the video the following gaeilge is used: 

Conas atá How are you? 

  go maith, go raibh maith agatI am well, thank you. 

Cad atá uaitWhat do you want? 

 ___ uaimwant a ____. 

 mhéad atá air? How much is it? 

___ euro, más é do thoil é.  

___ euro, please. 

Seo duit an t-airgeadHere is the money. 

Seo duit an briseadhHere is the change. 

Go raibh maith agatThank you.  

Warm up 

Play monster addition. 



Follow as the teacher explains what a kilogram is. 


Planet Maths: 

Complete part A & C on page 95 

Religion-each year group complete 

Grow in Love log in 


Log into the website (details above) 


Go to: 

First Class  theme 5  reconciliation → lesson 3 → watch the videos ‘sacrament of reconciliation part 1 & part 2’. 


→ Scroll down the page and listen to the song ‘I’m Sorry’.  


Complete p32 Match the sentences and sing through or read ‘I’m Sorry’ using the lyrics on p33.  




Jolly Phonics Reader: Read a few pages a day. 


Spellings/ Writing 

Pick 2 spellings of your choice and put them into sentences. 



Complete the next 2 pages in your Mrs. Murphy handwriting copy. 




 ag siopadóireacht sa bhaileGo shopping at home. 


Faigh trí breagáin agus taispeáin dom pictiúr leis iad. Find three toys and show me a picture with them.   




 ‘Cad atá uait?’ What do you want? Agus  ... uaim’.  ‘I want...’  





Warm up 

Play shape pattern game – select level 3 


Play poddle weigh in – how many kilograms will it take to balance the scale. 



Complete ‘Weight - more than less than 1 kilogram’ activity on Seesaw.  

Science: Make a Bubble Snake 

You can use your breathing techniques you worked on earlier this week in this experiment! 

All:  You will need: 

  • An empty water bottle, 
  • Shallow container (bowl) 
  • An elastic band/hair tie/duct tape 
  • A sock  
  • Washing up liquid 
  • Scissors 
  • OPTIONAL: Food colouring 


Cut the bottom of a water bottle off and slide the sock over the bottom of the bottle. 

Use the rubber band/hair tie or duct tape to secure the sock. 

Pour washing up liquid and a little bit of water into a shallow container and mix. 

Dip the sock covered bubble blower into the solution and gently blow. 

Optional: Add different food colouring drops onto the sock-covered end of the bottle to make a rainbow bubble snake! 

Optional: Watch this Instructional video 

Optional PE: Live Workout with the Edge Gym at 9:30 

Optional GAA Class with Emma 



Are you able to write down your spellings if someone calls them out to you? See can you get all 10 of them written down.   


Home school copy 


Scríobh trí abairtí le  

 ....... uaim.  

Write three sentences with I want.....  

Tarraing iad. Draw them.  


Usáid an matá focail seo. Use this word mat. 

Home school copy 


Do a 1 kilogram search in your house. Draw three things that are lighter than 1 kilogram and three things that are heavier than 1 kilogram.  

*Remember 1 kilogram is usually the same weight as 1 bag of sugar.  

Drama: Charades 

All: Follow this link to a list of charade ideas+ 

Take turns with your child and other family members to act out the different charades and try and guess what charade they are acting out.  




From the SEN Team for all children    



This week’s Work 



The Learning Support Team, also known as SET, have made some teaching videos for all the children in the class.   

The weekly video/activity suggested may be practised daily or as often as possible.   


Teaching Video:   


Junior Infants: 

Video 6 Rhyming 


Senior Infants: 

Video 10 

The Emperors New Clothes 


First Class: 

Video 16- Part 1 

Initial Consonant blends 



Video 17 

Everybody worries