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St Vincent De Paul Infant School, Marino, Dublin 9

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear parents and guardians,

We would like to say a big Thank You for taking the time to complete the survey. Your positive messages and acknowledgment of all the work being done by the staff during this time gave the staff a much needed boost during these uncertain times. 

There were some great ideas and suggestions and of course some questions too. We have complied this Frequently Asked Question Section to help answer some of your questions. We are still working through some other queries that arose from the survey and we will update the page when we have worked together as a staff to resolve those queries. 


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Kennedy and all the staff


Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I upload more than 1 picture at a time?


What type of school work should I upload? 

  • Any work the child/parent would like to show their teacher 
  • Artwork may be uploaded also but we remind you that the Gallery is the best and only platform where friends and families can share and enjoy the pictures 
  • Photos of work the children are proud of and want to show their teacher 
  • Photos of work the child would like help with e.g.  maths questions, clarification on work that has been set 
  • Videos of the child reading or practising their Gaeilge 
  • Videos of the child completing some of their activities e.g. counting, doing experiments  
  • A message/video to say hi 
  • They can use the app to draw little pictures 


How much work should I upload? 

  • Watch this video to show you how to upload multiple photos under one post
  • Click the green add button 
  • Click Upload 
  • On a phone select Gallery 
  • On a computer select Computer 
  • Save 
  • Parents and children can decide how much work to upload. See above for the types of school work your child/parent can upload. 


When should I upload the work? Is it ok to upload once a week? 

  • Everyone’s situation is different so we would encourage parents to upload at a time that works best for your family. Some families like to upload once a week, others like to upload a few times during the day and other families like to do the work from the website and just use Seesaw to check notifications from their class teacher. There is no right or wrong way. The app is there for the children to feel connected to their teacher and for families to use how they see fit.  
  •  Teachers will generally give feedback between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday, with some exceptions.  


Can the work be uploaded to Seesaw instead of the school website? 

  • At present not everyone is signed up to Seesaw so uploading of the work to Seesaw only would mean those not signed up would not be able to access the work assigned.  
  • The weekly activities contain a number of links and resources and at the moment the website is the most suitable format for delivering the lesson content. 
  • We are constantly reviewing how best to deliver the work to the children. We are looking into how we could deliver more through Seesaw if there was a demand for this type of delivery.  


How can I contact my child’s teacher if I have a question? 

  • You can contact your child’s teacher through the Seesaw app 
  • You can use the green add button and add a note. Your child’s teacher will respond as soon as possible, generally between 9-3 Monday- Friday.  
  • If you have any issues with downloading any of the work or any links you can send your child’s teacher a note  


I would like more resources for Drama and Music, where can I find suitable resources? 

  • Every week we upload optional extra sites for example from the National Concert Hall. Families are welcome to complete these activities at their own discretion. 
  • We are in the process of grouping resources together into subject areas so parents can access age appropriate resources in an easy manner.  


Can the previous weeks work be left up on Seesaw?  


Can families focus on one subject a day? 

  • Yes if this works for your child and your family. Some children like keeping the structure similar to school and changing between subjects, others find it more helpful to work through one subject a day. Families may find it useful to continue reading and spellings every day. Please do what works best for you and your family circumstances.